The application of tissue culture techniques, also called in-vitro propagation, has many advantages in comparison to the two traditional techniques (seed and offshoots propagation)

Propagation of healthy selected female cultivars (disease and pest-free) and male cultivars that have superior pollen

Elimination of seasonal effect on plants as they are propagated under controlled conditions in the laboratory throughout the year

Eliminating any risk of the transfer or spread of diseases and pests between different regions of a country or between countries

Large scale multiplication is cost-effective and reliable when large number of plants is required

Production of genetically uniform plants

Plant tissue culture is the process of cloning cells, tissues or organs of the mother plants and propagating them in nutrient media, under sterile and controlled environmental conditions. The objective of tissue culture is to produce a large amount of genetically identical plants to the mother plants in a short period compared to the
production of the usual agricultural methods. Parts of the tissue of these plants are removed, disinfected and
then planted into sterile agricultural media. By planting these tissues into a specific nutrient medium, we can
partially control further development and encourage propagation or rooting.

These young plants are grown under sterile conditions in equipped growth chambers, which are optimally
regulated in terms of quality and intensity of lighting, temperature and air purity.

Then the plants are moved to the company’s greenhouses. These sophisticated greenhouses where temperature, humidity, and lighting are controlled enable production 365 days a year.

The selected plant germplasms are kept in sterile laboratory conditions in the gene bank within the company’s
laboratories and are constantly being renewed. This is a great advantage for our customers, who specifically need to obtain strains with the same genetic makeup as the mother plants and free of diseases.

WE are specialized in the production

The company also provides exclusive contract production of plants, either using protocol supplied by the client or utilizing protocols available in-house.

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