The enormous pressure of disease cannot be avoided via traditional seed potato propagation. One hundred percent disease-free and excellent seed potatoes can only be produced via tissue culture production in a laboratory.
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Our potato mini-tubers give 20-30% higher yield than conventional plantations, are free from disease and fetch a premium price in the market for uniform, evenly shaped potatoes. We offer: Spunta, Hermes, Lady Rosetta and other varieties.

EFC Plants concentrates on potato production through tissue culture and the cultivation of mini-tubers of free and protected varieties using an innovative process. These minitubers are used for the production of high-quality potatoes for local farmers and for the export markets.


At the start of the tissue culture production, both potato tubers and stem segments are used to create new plantlets. The tubers or stem segments are first selected, sterilized and then the shoots are placed on a sterile culture medium. The newly formed micro plants serve as the basis for propagation in the laboratory.

The process begins at EFC Plants where these certified potato micro plants which are tested virus-free and approved are received in aseptic conditions from Europe’s leading germplasm banks are sub cultured under aseptic conditions and controlled climatic conditions. Our dedicated team micro-propagates the meristems and cuttings are taken repeatedly until the desired number of micro plants of each variety is reached.

Propagation of potato plants in our laboratory up to the production of mini tubers in a controlled greenhouse are checked at every stage in the process for viruses and bacteria resulting in mini-tubers arriving at our customers bacteria and virus free and with an EFC Plants certificate.

The capacity of the tissue culture laboratory is 4,000,000 in-vitro plants per year and production capacity of the tissue culture greenhouses is 8,000,000 mini-tubers per year with a plan to double the production capacity in the next three years.

EFC Plants laboratories have the infrastructure to make production 365 days per year with the existing advanced greenhouses. The heating system provides production in winter months while production continues using the cooling system in summer season.

EFC Plants Tissue Culture laboratories and mini-tubers production greenhouses are accredited and all seeds are produced under the national certification scheme.

EFC Plants can also help facilitate the procurement of varieties from most breeders internationally (under license) and can assist with Plant Breeding Rights to protect those varieties. In addition, research and development team is working on the development locally adapted potato varieties.

Order should be placed at least one year in advance and at least 6 months in advance of desired planting date.

The company also provides exclusive contract production of plants, either using protocol supplied by the client or utilizing protocols available in-house.

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