Date Palm Tissue Culture

EFC Plants is specialized in Date palm micro-propagation and acclimatization. The company directed its energy towards producing date palm seedlings of the highest quality with state-of-the-art technology. The company the production capacity exceeds 300,000 Date Palm Plants per year.
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The main varieties preserved and propagated at present in the Laboratory are: Medjool (Mejhoul), Barhi, Khalass, Sagai and Ghannami. Other varieties can be micro-propagated as per demand.

In respect of the genetic conformity of the plants preserved and propagated; EFC Plants monitors the genetic stability of the plants during the whole in-vitro process.

The complex quality control standards used in the laboratory and the third-party verification and assessment of the stability of the plants varieties by comparing the genetic profiles of the mother plants (offshoots) with the produced in-vitro plants ensure that all our plants are true to type.


All explants used in production originate from offshoots that have been carefully selected from known sources and from mother plants of proven health and variety characteristics. Offshoots are tested for variety confirmation in leading European Laboratories specialized in DNA testing and fingerprinting techniques.


EFC Plants uses the explants taken from the desired mother date palm plants in its natural environment and initiated into an in-vitro controlled environment in the laboratory.

Once successfully initiated, the explant grows and differentiates, producing many date palm plantlets, which are identical to the mother date palm plant.

These date palm plantlets enter the multiplication stage according to the pre-determined production plan that ensures the genetic conformity of all plants is maintained.

The separation of shoots starts and then the plants go through the elongation and invitro rooting stages under the most advanced and controlled laboratory growth rooms.


After the in-vitro process is finished; the plants are transplanted in “torpedo” pots in a special peat mixture and transferred to controlled greenhouse for acclimatization.

Once adapted to the ex-vitro conditions, the plants are further hardened until they reach the size of approximately 25-30 cm with 3 to 5 juvenile leaves.

The greenhouse provides facilities for planting, hardening and growing, packing and dispatching EFC Plants certified date palm plants.


Continuous plant testing and monitoring of the morphology and fruit characteristics of our plants is done during the first five years of production. EFC Plants provide its customers with technical and field support to ensure total customer satisfaction and profitability.

The company also provides exclusive contract production of plants, either using protocol supplied by the client or utilizing protocols available in-house.

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