The enormous pressure of disease cannot be avoided via traditional seed potato propagation. One hundred percent disease-free and excellent seed potatoes can only be produced via tissue culture production in a laboratory.

Contract Micropropagation

EFC Plants provides exclusive contract production of plants, either using protocol supplied by the client or utilizing protocols available in-house.

Plant Disease Diagnosis

The Plant Disease Diagnostics Laboratory at EFC Plants offers a range of plant and crop diagnostic services for the detection of pests and diseases.

Commercial Agencies

Our deep knowledge of the local markets help us serve the agriculture sector in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets.

Date Palm Tissue Culture

EFC Plants is specialized in Date palm micro-propagation and acclimatization. The company directed its energy towards producing date palm seedlings of the highest quality with state-of-the-art technology. The company the production capacity exceeds 300,000 Date Palm Plants per year.

EFC Plants featured in Newspaper

Egypt, which grows on its land 15 million palm trees, and leads the world in the production of dates with 1.7 million tons annually, is trying to benefit from the treasures of the wasted “palm” at a time when official statistics indicate that the percentage of what we export does not exceed according to the maximum Estimates are 4% of our production, while our industrial benefit from this tree, its non-fruiting products and its waste remain minimal as well.

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